Weddings - We love to provide High quality images to make sure your wedding day is special as possible. We have several packages you can choose from to fit your budget. We usually cover all four photography events (brides prep, ceremony, portraits and reception), 8 hours is a nice compromise between a budget and capturing your special day. For more detailed information on wedding pricing and packages please click here.


Events - Choose one of our qualified photographers to cover any of your special events. From birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries, engagement dinner and any event where u feel u need a great photographer!


Portrait - Portrait photography produces pictures that capture the personality of a subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. Captures the personality or essence of a subject, Not just a picture with a person in it! Exp (headshots, family, school, etc)


Fashion - Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. We can set up a photoshoot with a variety of clothing to display to the world!


Maternal - High quality images to make an unforgettable experience of the pregnancy.


Architectural - we thrive on creating dramatic portfolios of interior and exterior photographs for architects, interior designers, property managements firms, hotels and restaurants.


Nature - Photographs of nature provides glimpses of animals, forests or mountains that may not be seen in person.


Auto - A picture may indeed be worth 1,000 words, but one good photograph of your car is worth 10,000 crappy snapshots! We can come to your event or car show and take shots of your hotrod in high quality!

SupremeTeamPhotography is a commercial photography team based in Atlanta, GA & New Haven, CT. We shoot a wide variety of subjects for magazine, design and advertising clients.
Our company has a huge advantage over other photography agencies because we have professional photographers in-house that know how to specifically shoot for web and print.
We tackle every photography project with the same goal in mind. Enhance the best aspects of each subject while at the same time thinking ahead to the end use of the photo. This is the advantage of SupremeTeamPhotography being both photographers and web designers. We have the experience to know what photos work best on websites and marketing materials. There is a visual dynamic on how people view a marketing piece or a website.
We love to capture photos of food. Food photography is always exciting but we have extensive experience in professional headshots, product photography and photos of buildings equipment and aerial photography.
Our graphic design services can incorporate your photographs in your designs for print and on the web. It is an advantage to have us help you design brochures, postcards and menus, because we take pictures with your marketing pieces in mind.
SupremeTeamPhotography is your commercial photography connection. We also love video. Video is a perfect addition to your marketing mix. SupremeTeamPhotography has produced marketing videos for websites, youtube and for any marketing purpose.
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